Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to Keep a Bullet in Good Shape

Along with keeping your gun in shape, you also need to make sure your ammo is in top shape! To keep you bullets in good condition, keep them AWAY from moisture. One exposed and not taken care of, the rusting can begin within 24 hours. If your ammo has already gotten corrupted, steel wool or a pot scrubber can usually get rid of it. But if the ammo is too corrupted just dispose of it. The best way to keep ammo for a long time is to keep it dry and cool. I suggest keeping them in some of those food sealing bags.

Meet the Family

Me and my wife, and my daughter and granddaughter

Tidbits about Recconaissance

The military term for getting vital information. My job is a very important part of any war. Examples of reconnaissance are sending out troops, ships or submarines,aircraft, or stationed watch posts. You could be writing information down, recording it, or taking pictures. It's like being a spy, but not.

How to Take Care of a Rifle

If you are going to be a soldier in any war, you are going to need to know some basic tips to care for your rifle. You never know when you'll need it! Regular cleaning and lubrication will keep your gun in good shape for years! What not to do: Powder and Metal Build-up: If you don't clean your gun, powder and metal will eventually build up and effect the accuracy of your gun. Metal Fouling: When the bullets leave copper behind on the barrel which can effect accuracy. Moisture: If too much moisture gets inside the barrel of your gun, it can rust, causing the life span of your gun to spiral downward. Simple Neglect: If you don't treat your gun well, it won't treat you well either.